Since taking office, I’ve worked hard to make sure that Ramsey County operates in a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  We have restructured county government to best serve all our residents, and we’re in the process of reviewing many of the County systems.

I’m proud of what I have accomplished during my time on the County Board.  

Just to name a few:

  • We have refinanced some of our debt, saving the taxpayers over $2 million.
  • We’ve continued our positive employment growth,
  • We’ve earned a AAA bond rating, the highest rating a county can achieve for fiscal management, every year since 2001
  • We’ve expanded child protection services, to keep our children safe
  • We’ve worked with our communities on creative solutions for road projects to make them safer for everyone – including bikers and walkers.
  • We’ve expanded recycling opportunities for businesses and communities
  • We’ve improved contracting opportunities for local and small businesses
  • And we’ve worked to enhance our local libraries and increase hours

There is so much good work that we are doing that I want to continue being your voice on the county board.

What am I working on?

  • encouraging development that will bring jobs and strengthen our local economy.
  • advocating at the State Legislature for funding for mandated services – to keep the financial burden from being shifted to our property taxes.
  • working to make county information more accessible to the public.
  • pushing to prioritize the Continuum of Care in our community, from early childhood to our seniors and especially with regard to mental health and early intervention.